Jacques CamatteBecause the time has come to read it.

The work of Jacques Camatte is surrounded by an authentic conspiracy of silence.
It must be said that unlike so many other revolutionary theorists, he didn't betray, he didn't surrender, he didn't seek public recognition.
Coming from a heterodox Marxism, he has imperturbably followed his uncompromising path until today.
But the most unforgivable thing is undoubtedly that he accurately described, almost fifty years ago now, the fatal historical course in which capital and civilization were dragging the human species.
Fifty years ago he saw the constitution of the technological society in a monstrous apparatus imprisoning the planet, ravaging all nature, mediatizing all relations, and the vital necessity to desert such a world.
He saw the emptiness of contemporary subjectivities, the anxiety that propels them, and the widespread aspiration to a true human community.
You have to read Jacques Camatte, because understanding the historical process is one of the rare ways not to become as crazy as the times we are going through.

From the headline of the book Errance de l'humanité, by Jacques Camatte,
Éditions la Tempête, Bordeaux 2021.