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Il CovileIl Covile

rivista in rete
diretta da
stefano borselli

risorse conviviali
e varia umanità
issn 2279–6924

Non rifiutare ma preferire (Nicolás Gómez Dávila)
La via del saggio è fare ma non contendere (Lao Tze)


by Jacques Camatte

English (incomplete)       Français  (Version à imprimer)         Italiano  (Versione stampabile)

The English language translation is still very incomplete. Volunteer translators are sought.

Autonomization   Coverings-over   Dereliction   Dyad   Escamotage   Inversion   Prospect   Replay   Virtual

Autonomization (Autonomisation):

Process during which the original determinations of a phenomenon become inoperative. An onsicular process aimed at escaping parental dependence and which inevitably tends to re-actualize the separation.

Also: Ontosis, Escapement, Re-actualization

Prospect (Advenir):

The process by which one accesses the fullness of what one wished to reach.

Dereliction (Déréliction):

A concept of theological origin: the state of the abandoned creature of god. It expresses total dependence and the loss of all support, of all reference points. The concepts of Hilflosigkeit (S. Freud), Geworfenheit (M. Heidegger), Loneliness (H. Arendt) and Crisis of Presence (E.de Martino) can result in dereliction.


Dyad (Dyade):

The smallest basic unit of the species is not the individual, male or female, but the male-female dyad because, potentially, it contains the child, and thus the becoming of the species. This is true for all sexual species. Moreover, every individual potentially possesses within itself the power of the dyad, or else there could be no continuity between the members of the species. ¶ This dyadic structure is in fact also found in the organisation of the world: the upper potentially affirms the lower and reciprocally, and this applies to all opposites. ¶ In the course of its wandering and its becoming in artificiality, the species was led, in order to be compatible with what it was living, to create artificial dyads such as the friendship-enmity couple.

Also: Wandering, Enmity

Escamotage (Escamotage):

Dynamics that makes important facts disappear while often giving the impression of taking them into account.

Inversion (Inversion):

Inversion refers to the establishment of a future contrary to that effected up to this day which comprises of: separation from nature, repression, refusal, abstra ction, riots (uprisings, revolutions) but also wars and peace. Inversion can take place by accessing the Gemeinwesen dimension within us in the here and now and amidst the community of those who converge and participate. It is therefore not a question of returning to an earlier phase, to an ancestral behaviour, but accessing something germinating in us, in this case: the deep naturalness which has always been repressed, (more or less occulted) as well as continuity with all living beings and with the cosmos.

Also: Nature, Repression, , Gemeinwesen, Naturalness, Cosmos

Coverings-over (Recouvrement):

Conscious activity which, unconsciously, aims to mask the whole traumatic experience, to cause it to fall into total oblivion.

Replay (Rejouement):

Concept widely used by Arthur Janov, deriving from Freud’s notion of "repetition compulsion", indicating that we tend, unconsciously, to re-perform what we have experienced following trauma, or to re-perform what our parents have experienced.

Also: , , Ontosis, Speciosis, Re-actualization

Virtual (Virtuel):

We will call virtual all which is projected by the man, the woman, and which is not seizable, like the virtual image and, at the same time, the result of a whole technical process that results in a simulation. This is totally in line with the ontosis process, which is to make concrete situations imagined and projected. The individual, in so far as he is ontosis, lives in the virtual. He becomes virtual and thus elusive to others; communication becomes impossible. It can often only be perceived following an act of violence that extracts the virtual and actualizes it. In virtuality are included the four anthropomorphoses.

Also: Ontosis, ,

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Wehrlos, doch in nichts vernichtet
Inerme, ma in niente annientato
(Der christliche Epimetheus
Konrad Weiß)


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