Il Covile on Jacques Camatte
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Here is where death is, here is where you have to jump.

Is not death more desirable than life
that is a mere preventive measure against death?

Karl Marx

The coronavirus, causal agent of covid 19, is the virus of enmity.

Its appearance is the result of a long process that began in the Neolithic period with the separation from the rest of nature and the enslavement of women and the putting into dependency of children.

The more we fight against it, the more we reinforce what we are fighting against. As a result, the threat of the virus (or even other viruses) will increase along with the enmity within the species.

Living together will become more and more difficult, calling back into question the fundaments of the species, which could only manifest itself within nature because of the exceptional strength of its community in continuity with all that lives.

Our possible extinction is therefore tied to the hyperdevelopment of enmity sustained by hyperindividualism, combined with the enormous overpopulation affected by megalomania, which prevents it from being present in the world and founds its madness. It has also conditioned, through the destruction of nature, the development of climatic disruption that threatens all life on earth. In so doing, the species finds itself in the presence of a phenomenon of comparable magnitude, even if it was different in its manifestation - an ice age - from which it had to and was able to protect itself, by creating the tools (in the very general sense of the term) that allowed it to continue its life process, which, from now on, it is no longer able to do because of its madness preventing it from seeing reality. Curiously, it was not during a phase of glaciation but during a phase in which a much gentler climate prevailed, that the dynamics of enmity that now affect our roots emerged. But the process of life, both at the organic and psychic level, is based on cooperation and symbiosis. Until when can the species tolerate enmity?

The pandemic fully reveals the horror the break of continuity with nature constituted, the wandering into which one cannot go any further, because further on lies death. To escape this, only an immense vital leap can allow us to achieve the salvific inversion consisting in abandoning the dynamics of enmity, as of friendship its dyadic complement, by finding our place - the presence within the totality of the life phenomenon, freed and liberated from an artificial dyad.

Camatte Jacques

October 2021

Francesco Borselli

Refer to the Glossary: Inversion , Dyad


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Wehrlos, doch in nichts vernichtet
Inerme, ma in niente annientato
(Der christliche Epimetheus
Konrad Weiß)


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